Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Tennesseans - The Jackals Are Circling!

The Jackals
China, Venezula, Iran, Russia, Mexico, Al-Qaeda, North Korea, etc..........

What is our government doing to secure our borders?
(Look at our southern and northern porous borders and you have the answer.)

Where are the voices of the moderate Muslims?
(Is there such a thing?)

Circle the wagons America we're under seige, soon to be another open attack!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Further Choking of Tennessee Voters By the "Beltway Elite"

I hope that Frist's anti-American message continues to reach the Tennessee voters? America's future can't afford Mr. Frist's NEW WORLD CORPORATE ORDER to occupy the Oval Office. We the Tennesse voters elected him to the Senate and he promptly disregarded are collective voices pleading to SECURE OUR BORDERS! (Please read S-2611 passed out of the Senate.)

Now that soon-to-be-former senator, Bill Frist, along with his Senate cronies, have sold America to corporate interest and their new world order, we are now presented with business as usual. Mr. Frist's automated newsletter was distributed on this day. He and his treacherous Senate sidekicks would like us to believe they have only America's interest in their hearts! It has been clear for several months how they completely ignored the will of the American people that elected them to their "vaulted positions." Now they expect us to forget their prior treasonist actions and swallow this latest smoke screen crap from inside the beltway. I continue to wait for the next election to help tighten that beltway around their throats by voting them out of office. (I will do whatever I can to remind the American people of Frist's disdain for their opinions when he campaigns for the oval office.)

Please "enjoy" the content of his latest newsletter release and try not to choke on the smoke!

Senator William H. Frist, M.D. - U.S. Senator, Tennessee - U.S. Senate Majority Leader

Today the Senate overwhelmingly passed legislation to secure America's homeland by funding vital activities of the Department of Homeland Security and confronting the challenges facing our borders, ports, and transit systems.

By providing more than $14 billion specifically to strengthen our nation’s borders, we took another important step to bolster our frontline defenses against illegal border crossings.

Under this legislation, the Republican Congress will add 2,000 new border patrol agents (bringing the total to 14,320) and increase the number of detention beds by 5,000 (bringing the total to 25,300) in the next fiscal year– all done in an effort to combat illegal immigration.

I look forward to working with the House to produce a final piece of legislation so that the President can quickly sign into a law a bill funding America’s homeland and border security needs.

Bill Frist

Posted by David A. Bess, A Tennessee Voter

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Alert! Thank House Members for Sticking with Enforcement Bill

If you are in his district, please thank Representative Hastert or Sensenbrenner for sticking with the House's immigration enforcement bill! Otherwise, please urge your representative to support their actions.

House Speaker Dennis Hastert, and James Sensenbrenner, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, are two key players in determining the course of action taken by the House conference committee on the immigration bill.

Sensenbrenner has been resolute in support of HR 4437, the enforcement bill that he authored. Now Hastert has indicated he may take the unusual step of holding hearings on the Senate bill before appointing anyone to a House-Senate committee to negotiate a compromise immigration bill. This would give House members, and the American public, an opportunity to learn about all the provisions in the Senate bill.

Such a discussion would likely diminish support for the Senate bill. Analysis by Robert Rector at the Heritage Foundation indicates that if the current Senate bill were adopted an estimated 66 million persons would legally immigrate to the U.S. over the next 20 years. The number who would be allowed to immigrate here is tens of millions higher, yet the media have ignored the implications of this bill on population growth in the U.S.

Express your support to these leaders and encourage them to resist efforts to weaken HR 4437.


David A. Bess

(We Haven't Forgotten You.)


PAC's radio ads rip congressman
By Tad Walch
Deseret Morning News

PROVO — A national immigration-restriction group released a radio advertisement Monday that openly mocked Rep. Chris Cannon, R-Utah, and endorsed his opponent, John Jacob, in the June 27 Republican primary.

Team America ran the ad 13 times Monday on KSL Newsradio. The ad, called offensive by Cannon's chief of staff, used a sneering laugh track to attack Cannon's campaign statements that he is against illegal immigration.

"Chris Cannon's tough on illegal immigration? (Canned laughter) That's a joke, but it's not funny," the ad says. "That's why Utah needs to vote against Chris Cannon and for John Jacob ... to clean up the illegal immigration mess Chris Cannon helped create."

Team America, a conservative political action committee based in Washington, D.C., posted two versions of the ad on its Web site. Both used the same information, but one was a straightforward spot while the Web site called the one with the laugh track — the one that aired Monday in Utah — its "funny" version.

"I don't think people in Utah are going to consider it funny," said Joe Hunter, Cannon's chief of staff. "It's a pretty nasty ad and filled with laughter on a very important subject. We're very confident people in Utah will react the way Utahns usually do to ad campaigns like this."

In the ad, a commentator says Cannon voted nine times to support amnesty for illegal aliens and co-sponsored six amnesty bills.

Jacob said he hadn't heard the Team America ad as of Monday afternoon and did not endorse it. He agreed that Utahns have proved their distaste for negative campaigning.
However, he said, he didn't consider the Team America ad to be negative.

"Chris has made those statements, and his record is not the same," Jacob said. "He has supported amnesty, and he has supported illegal immigration."

Hunter said Cannon stands by his statements that he opposes amnesty and said Cannon's voting record reflects that.

The Cannon campaign responded with a new ad of its own late Monday afternoon. The radio spot, which also aired on KSL Newsradio, claimed Cannon's record shows real action to stop illegal immigration.

"I've been working for stricter screening at entry points, increased border surveillance, more border patrol agents and closing the loopholes that allow the system to be abused," Cannon says in the ad.

The two candidates argued Saturday during a debate over the definition of amnesty in a replay of Cannon's re-election bid two years ago, when another national immigration-restriction group, Project USA, spent tens of thousands of dollars on billboard and radio ads in a failed attempt to defeat Cannon.

Jacob expressed frustration Monday with statements Cannon made during the debate at Utah Valley State College.

"Saturday, I felt like he called me a racist, and that part bothered me quite a bit," Jacob said. "He didn't just say it once, he said it many times. He called the people coming out with this ad racist, and that didn't sound to me like a statesmanlike comment. I didn't consider it becoming of a congressman."

Cannon didn't call Jacob a racist but said the Republican party is split between arch-conservatives like Team America and conservatives with more moderate views on immigration reform over whether the party will be "anti-foreigner" or one that solves problems.

Cannon directly referred to Team America leader Bay Buchanan as a xenophobe. Hunter said Monday that Cannon was referring to an e-mail Buchanan sent last week that Cannon believed used a code for racism by talking about America being overrun.

In the same debate, Jacob implied that Cannon was a bum who needed to be thrown out of Congress but also didn't directly use the term.

"Chris is not expressing his outrage or offense at being called a bum," Hunter said, "because he is neither outraged nor offended."

Buchanan said in her e-mail, meant to raise money to pay for running the ad in Utah, that she will continue to raise money to keep the anti-Cannon ads on the radio until the primary.

Hunter said Jacob is benefiting from the ads because they call for his election, and that Jacob must decide if he wants to associate himself with people playing on fears the United States might be overrun by illegal immigrants.

Jacob said voters in Utah's 3rd Congressional District want the borders secured.


PS Radio Ad Telling The Truth About Chris Cannon of Utah

David A. Bess

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Will Mr. Gordon Fight To Not Delay Action Until After November Elections?

June 6, 2006

Mr. David Bess
Murfreesboro, Tennessee 37128

Dear David,

Thank you for letting me know of your concerns about
H.R. 2672, the North American Cooperative Security Act.
It helps me better represent Middle Tennessee when I hear
from you.

I appreciate your concerns. I want you to know that I am
a staunch supporter of U.S. sovereignty. In this age of
international terrorism we need to work with our neighbors
to enhance security, but never at the expense of U.S.
sovereignty. The power to write and enforce the laws that
govern the U.S. must always rest with the elected
representatives of the American people in the state and
federal government.

Regarding H.R. 2672, I am not a co-sponsor of this legislation.
Though it was introduced in Congress in May, 2005, it is
currently tied up in committee. I appreciate knowing of your
concerns about this legislation in case additional action is
taken at a future time. Please feel free to contact me for
updates on the status of this matter.

Again, thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. Please do
not hesitate to call on me if I can ever be of assistance to
you or your family.

Stay in touch,
Member of Congress


If Mr. Gordon votes to delay action until after the November elections, then
his actions should be interpreted as a yes vote for compromise with the Senate
Trash S-2611.

It does not matter that he is not a co-sponsor of HR-2672. If he supports no
action until after the elections then he must endorse the compromise that destroys
America. If this occurs then replace Mr. Gordon in the House!

David A. Bess

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Help derail Congressman Cannon's election and send a message to all House members including Congressman Bart Gordon of Tennessee. Do not delay action on Senate Trash S-2611. If action is delayed until after November then we can only assume a yes vote for this garbage will follow. The House will "bet" on the short memories of voting Americans.

Congressman Chris Cannon is "inspired" to rid America of the illegal aliens that are criminals. Then he wants to bring the remaining illegal aliens [out of the shadows] and afford them American civil liberties! He is attempting to pass himself off as a Congressman Tom Tancredo, but what he is really endorsing is AMNESTY for illegal aliens. (This moves these illegals to the head of a long waiting list of immigrants that have been trying to enter America the correct way. Immigrants that Americans will be proud to include in our dream.)

It is true, there are several degrees of criminal activity, but criminal activity is still criminal. Enforce the current laws, intercepting illegal alien invaders and prosecuting employers that recruit and knowingly offer jobs to these criminals.

Congressman Cannon's banal arguement about America not having the funds to deport illegal aliens is a smoke screen. If employers can not hire these criminals then all that can happen is the illegal aliens will go somewhere else to seek jobs. Perhaps, back to their country where they can force reform in their own government?

Enclosed in this posting is a portion of the congressman's website where he pretends to be against amnesty. Speak up America, citizens of Tennessee, and Utah. Do what you can to send Congressman Cannon into retirement!

Cannon's Position

David A. Bess

Saturday, June 03, 2006


Rep. Katherine Harris [R-FL]
(What Country Does This Person Represent?)

Congressman Bart Gordon,
If you truly have the interest of Tennessee and America as a focal point of your elected terms, then you can not support HR-2672. This garbage does nothing to secure America's borders, but attempts to create one North American country. Vote against this anti-American piece of tripe.

David A. Bess
Murfreesboro, TN. 37128
Excerpt From HR-2672
The progress made in developing and implementing a North American cargo security strategy that creates a common security perimeter around the United States, Canada, and Mexico by enhancing technical assistance for programs and systems to support advance reporting and risk management of cargo data, improved integrity measures through automated collection of fees, and advance technology to rapidly screen cargo.

BORDER WAIT TIMES.--The progress made by the Secretary of State and Secretary of Homeland Security, in consultation with national, provincial, and municipal governments, to--
(A) reduce waiting times at international border crossings through low-risk land ports of entry facilitating programs, including the status of the Secure Electronic Network for Travelers Rapid Inspection program (referred to in this section as the ``SENTRI program'') and the NEXUS program--
(B) measure and report wait times for commercial and non-commercial traffic at the land ports of the United States, Canada, and Mexico, and establish compatible performance standards for operating under normal security alert conditions;

and blah, blah, blah more anti-American rhertoric.


We are watching and waiting for the November elections.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Ahhhh….., Summertime In Juarez.
Can’t You Just Smell The Gardens?

June 1, 2006

According to local media and law enforcement officials one of the largest marijuana busts in local history occurred in Lebanon, Tennessee on this date. Approximately 740 pounds of illegal drugs were hidden behind a false wall inside an apparently empty tractor-trailer. As seen on the news videotape the only thing that could be seen inside the trailer was an electric drill. A drug-sniffing dog indicated the presence of marijuana.

The truck and three escort cars were stopped and six individuals were arrested. The driver of the truck was an Hispanic living in El Paso and he admitted to being paid $60.00 per pound to drive the truck to Nashville, Tennessee. A second Hispanic man claiming to live in Nashville was also arrested. Four other men all from Mexico were arrested. All are being held on $500,000 bond in Tennessee.

Apparently the marijuana was grown in Mexico, packaged, hidden in the truck, and driven unchallenged across our border toward Nashville, Tennessee. Inside the truck were stencils painted on the walls that read “Juarez”. Thanks to NAFTA drug producers and dealers have open highways into America.

My real concern is with the individuals. Of the six men arrested it appears that at least four of them are illegal aliens, or should I say "UNDOCUMENTED DRUG WORKERS"? Could these men just as easily have brought in nuclear or biological weapons? Could they just have easily been from a Muslim country that are vowing to destroy our country?

Congressman Gordon, now is no time to avoid the desires of the Tennessee voter and the American Citizen. Do not compromise on the trash Senate S-2611! If you and the other House members decide to delay action on the Senate trash immigration bill S-2611 the voters of your Tennessee district will assume you are voting YES for this shameful trash from the Senate.

The only thing the House should concern themselves with is to


Thank you,

David A. Bess

Murfreesboro, TN

Congressman Gordon - Don't Delay The House Vote!


Enclosed in this posting is a plan devised by Bay Buchanan from Team America. Please read carefully and forward it to your Congressman. Let them know that if they delay addressing the trash S-2611 from the Senate until after the November elections we will assume they are voting yes and we will vote them from office.

Support Team America's plan to rid the American citizens of Congressman Chris Cannon!

Read On
So the question is what do we do about it?  I have a plan.

Many of you are anxious for a national march on Washington. I have seriously looked
into it--talked to many, thought about how best to do it, neven reserved the national
mall. My professional opinion: a march is not the best use of our efforts.

I know for certain that those massive rallies by illegal immigrants galvanized our
side. Americans across the country were shocked by the number of illegals in our
cities and unnerved by their demands. We shouldn’t be too hasty to follow their lead.

Secondly, to do it right we need months of planning and hundreds of thousands of
dollars. We simply can’t afford to spend our resources on a march. They are
desperately needed to stop the Senate bill from passing the House!

So how do we stop the Congress from folding under the enormous pressure and agreeing
to some guest worker provision?

First, I propose we try to defeat Congressman Chris Cannon, an open border Republican
from Utah. His primary is on June 27. Cannon, aka King of
Amnesty, is so worried he
is running as a clone of Tom Tancredo. Team
America plans to set the record straight
with some hard hitting radio ads
that will expose the Congressman’s abysmal record on

Defeating Cannon will send shock waves through Congress. Every one of those lawmakers
will understand the message---“back down from your no
amnesty position and pay the
price in November.”

We must let these Congressmen know immigration is a voting issue—they saw it in the
city council race in Herndon, VA and again in the governor’s
race in Nebraska. To see
a Congressman lose a primary over it will
resonate far more powerfully than any march.

So that is the immediate plan—target Cannon. Then another, and another…until we have
removed the cancer entirely. We must take back our
country from those who are so
willing to sell it out.

Tomorrow I meet with my media team to begin developing the ads against Cannon.

With your support I know we can buy the necessary media to defeat this Congressman, and
replace him with one who will fight for border security
and oppose all amnesties.

I hope you will help.

Thanks for all your tireless efforts in this battle to preserve the nation from the enemy

My best,
Bay Buchanan

P.S. Click here to donate to Team America PAC, and help us remove from office those who favor amnesty!

P.P.S. Click here for a list of Congressmen who need to be targeted for their pro-amnesty stance!

Legal America

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